At the moment Amso International has available one machine to create and polish profile edges and straight edges.
This machine is used and revised and it works perfectly as new>.
This machine is used to form and polish with one single diamone tool edges as bull nose, half bull nose, 45°, straight up to cm. 16 thickness (6”).
Infact thanks to this system the use of the diamond tool is very low and the polishing edges are of very high quality with very high polishings and shapes.
This machine is semi authomatic and it moves orizzontally and veritically, the operator has only to change the abrasive wheels when finish forming the edges.
With 3-4 abrasive the final polishing is very high and daily production is approx as follow.
Depending ont the kind of material to be polished if marble, granite, stones…:
Bull nose edges linear meter 30/40 (linear feet 100/110)
Half bull nose edges linear meter 60/80 (linear feet 180 to 240 working with two slabs together)
45° edges linear meter 80/100 ml (linear feet 240/300 working wiht two slabs together)
Straight edges linear meter 100/150 (linear feet 300 to 450 working with more slabs together)
The useful working length is mm. 3500/3600 (115”) and thickness up to cm. 16 (6”)
With the use of other profile wheels with a special connection is possible to work also profile edges of every kind.

PRICE BARGAIN AT EURO 12.000,00 (New cost Euro 34.000,00) –
UNIQUE MACHINE AVAILABLE – To order just write at info@carraramarble.it or phone at 0039 0585 835500

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