Amso International directly imports and sells parquet wood flooring of different types and dimensions.
We offer two principal types of parquet: solid parquet and 3-layer prefinished parquet.
Solid parquet flooring is glued into place and then sanded and varnished in situ. The blocks are usually 15-22 mm thick, with tongue-and-groove edges for easy fitting. Solid parquet is traditionally considered the best kind of parquet as it is all-wood and extremely durable.

Dimensions commonly available:
(mm) 300 x 70 x 15
(mm) 300 x 60 x 22
(mm) 400 x 60 x 22
Larger blocks, e.g. 600 x 60 x 22 mm, are also available, depending on the type of wood.
3-layer prefinished parquet is made up of two interlocking underlayers topped with a 3/4 mm veneer of solid wood.
The most obvious advantage of using prefinished parquet strips is their convenience – they can be laid without glue, do not need to be varnished, and can even be used on top of an underfloor heating system.
The strips used for prefinished parquet floors are generally larger than those used for solid parquet:
(mm) 1000 x 100 x 15
(mm) 1400 x 150 x 15
(mm) 2200 x 180 x 15
Strips are pre-treated with 7 layers of scratch-resistant UV varnish or natural oils (sanded or brushed).

Available types of wood include:
| Oak | Iroko | Wengé | Cherry | Walnut | Doussié Africa | Birch | Sycamore Maple |

Visit the woods page to view the different kinds of timber




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