Onyx Royal Gold - Exclusive AMSO

Amso International has the exclusive production and distribution of the Royal Gold Onyx, Onyx that has a deep Honey Amber color that is unique in the world.
The white veins give an exceptional contrast to the background color so this Onyx can be match in perfect armony and elegance with the White Onyx, with the Tiger Onyx, mean for the marbles the Royal Gold Onyx match with armony and elegance with the Calacatta Gold, with the Portoro, with the Statuary Vein, creating an appropriate armony in the colors and givien really an ideal contrast for the best and most important realizations as bathrooms, floors, wall coverings, borders, and any kind of finished works.
The main feature of this onyx is the deep transparency as also in a thickness of cm. 5 this onyx remain transparent to the light, mean other kind of onyx available on the market, even in cm. 2 thickness are no more transparent, so the Royal Gold Onyx very well match with countertops, floors, coverings and lamps specially with lighting on the back.
Amso International produce this onyx in:
Slabs cm. 2 (3/4"), 3 (1-1/4") and any thickness on request
Modul Onyx: cm. 30,5x30,5x1 (12x12x3/8") - 30,5x61x1 (12"x24"x3/8") - 40x40x1 (16"x16"x3/8") - 45,7x45,7x1 (18"x18"x3/8")
Mosaic tiles cm. 5x5x1 (2x2x3/8"), 10x10x1 (4x4x3/8"), 15x15x1 (6x6x3/8")
Tiles in cm. 30x30 - 30x60 - 40x40 - 60x60 - 90x90 thickness cm. 1,5(1/2")and cm. 2 (3/4")
Floor and wall tiles matching and every kind of realization on design Lamps in exclusive patented and covered with International Copyright.
The slabs produced by Amso International have a special working and are supported with a special transparent sheet of mm. 2 thick that allow to the slabs to remain much more compact and stronger than the standard resin system with net on the back. This special resin and support system allow to the slabs to be worked and useful at 95% up to 100% reducing the waste of material, against a 70% of the standard resin system coming from the transport breaking and cutting. This special resin and support system may be used also on request on the other expensive materials like Portoro, Rosso Levanto, Rosso Francia,Giallo Siena so it will be possible to work these difficult materials as much more easy materials.
This same special resin system is used also in the production of tiles in the various thickness and sizes so it will be possible to fix in the best way the tiles.



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