Amso International makes an exclusive product available to own customers, that is used to guarantee the protection and cleaning of coverings of every type, Marble, Stone, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Glasses, Concrete, Ceramics, bricks.

The product is applied only once on the cleaned area and protect that area against oil, rain and atmospheric agents up to 5 years without worrying to clean up the protected area periodically.

In fact, this product causes the dirty deposited on the protected areas oxidising when coming into contact with the direct sun light, and flowing away together with water, that is at the first rain or simply together with the water thrown over the protected area to clean it.

But it also transforms dirty and benzene - one carcinogenic substance - into salt, purifying the air!

This product will be a sure effective support in order to drastically cut expenses of maintenance and cleaning of houses, palaces, buildings, trade vehicles, bus, or for cleaning companies that will have only to remove the oxidized dirt with water, if one will clean up the interested areas.

Try only to think about a beautiful Marble statue made of White Carrara marble that is maintained clean in the time without to become grey or yellow from the dirt! Or a beautiful covering of Marble or Stone that keeps itself cleaned on!

In addition to the cleaning of the surface, this product affects also the “Purification” of the air; as an example, erecting at a road-crossing a Statue or a Billboard treated with this product, helps transforming benzene and dirty into salt!

And all this supported by 5 years-guarantee!

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